Monday, July 22, 2013

Shabby pink!

I love this little quilt!  It was pretty easy, and lots of fun picking out the pinks for it.  I made this one for my Sister Lolly's first grand daughter.  She was thrilled with it and I am happy to have made it for her!  Here is the link for the pattern. 

Thouroughly Modern

It looked so easy!!  Just 5 colors sewed with white sashing right?  NOT!  I don't like lining up sashing!!  My daughter in law picked the striped fabric and I had a hard time matching it for some reason.  I even bleached them to tone them down a bit.  It's still brighter than I think she wanted. 
I didn't think out the quilting either.  It would be great with an all over pattern but I am still not ready to use my longarm.  So I just quilted it in rows, up the stripe and side to side on the colors.
It didn't turn out too bad, but I sure stressed over this one!

Black & White

I made this for Trent.  I saw the fabric with letters on ebay and had to incorporate it here.  She wanted and arm and a leg for it, but a good MoMo will pay right? 
I learned a lot about B&W on this one, like some will look gray if they are not predominately black OR white.

Chenille bad boy!

I call it bad boy because this one was a majorly difficult one to make!  Sew 4 or 5 layers of flannel together in 1" channels and then cut through all but one layer.  I thought I would NEVER finish this!  Oh and because I had 2 grandsons, 2 months apart, I had to make TWO!!  Never again!                                                Unless I have another grand baby of course. :D

Ducky Quilt

I love this easy, easy pattern!  It's great with a focus fabric and only took me a day to put it together!  (I'm slow)  The block is Square within a Square 2.
 It's a 12" block which makes a fast quilt!  Here is the link.

I made this one for our first grandson, Trent.  A friend quilted the bubbles for me.  I think they were perfect for this one!

Rosie Posie

And for my first great niece, Segura.  I fell in love with this French Roses pattern and the Kashmir IV fabric and she gave me a perfect reason to make this quilt.  I really enjoyed making this one and would do it again.

Camping Quilt

My friend needed help making quilts for a burn camp so this is my contribution.   I made it for one of the older boys because the girls and little boys are always so easy to design for.  It has fishing and hunting and a flannel back.  I sure hope he liked it!

2 color OBW.

Hubby complained that he didn't have a quilt yet.  I told him that I don't have one either!!  So he got his way.  I used a hawaiian print because he is always wearing Magnum P.I. shirts.  The lady at the quilt shop said this would never work for a One Block Wonders.  So I had to prove her wrong of course!  I call this one Snow Drift.
As you can tell, I'm a bit obsessed with this pattern. 

Pink One Block Wonders

Baby girl quilt.  This is the One Block Wonders pattern in a soft shell pink.  I made this for a cousin in Florida.

I see it's been a very long time since I have posted here so time for me to catch up!  Bear with me while I add a few pictures.