Monday, August 5, 2013

Relay for Life

Another One Block Wonders quilt, this one is going to Relay for Life in Purcell, Oklahoma.  I have been working on this almost a year now and am glad it is finally finished!  But as with all finished quilts, I miss working on it.  I started this in memory of my friend Gerda Vantuil, and my aunt Norene Neal.  Both passed very quickly from cancer.  As I started to put their names in it, I realized there were many more to add.  It was sad to think of so many that have passed due to this dreaded disease.  We are all affected by it.  This quilt is my tribute to all of the lady warriors. 
This is the original fabric.

First day cutting blocks.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Shabby pink!

I love this little quilt!  It was pretty easy, and lots of fun picking out the pinks for it.  I made this one for my Sister Lolly's first grand daughter.  She was thrilled with it and I am happy to have made it for her!  Here is the link for the pattern. 

Thouroughly Modern

It looked so easy!!  Just 5 colors sewed with white sashing right?  NOT!  I don't like lining up sashing!!  My daughter in law picked the striped fabric and I had a hard time matching it for some reason.  I even bleached them to tone them down a bit.  It's still brighter than I think she wanted. 
I didn't think out the quilting either.  It would be great with an all over pattern but I am still not ready to use my longarm.  So I just quilted it in rows, up the stripe and side to side on the colors.
It didn't turn out too bad, but I sure stressed over this one!

Black & White

I made this for Trent.  I saw the fabric with letters on ebay and had to incorporate it here.  She wanted and arm and a leg for it, but a good MoMo will pay right? 
I learned a lot about B&W on this one, like some will look gray if they are not predominately black OR white.

Chenille bad boy!

I call it bad boy because this one was a majorly difficult one to make!  Sew 4 or 5 layers of flannel together in 1" channels and then cut through all but one layer.  I thought I would NEVER finish this!  Oh and because I had 2 grandsons, 2 months apart, I had to make TWO!!  Never again!                                                Unless I have another grand baby of course. :D

Ducky Quilt

I love this easy, easy pattern!  It's great with a focus fabric and only took me a day to put it together!  (I'm slow)  The block is Square within a Square 2.
 It's a 12" block which makes a fast quilt!  Here is the link.

I made this one for our first grandson, Trent.  A friend quilted the bubbles for me.  I think they were perfect for this one!

Rosie Posie

And for my first great niece, Segura.  I fell in love with this French Roses pattern and the Kashmir IV fabric and she gave me a perfect reason to make this quilt.  I really enjoyed making this one and would do it again.

Camping Quilt

My friend needed help making quilts for a burn camp so this is my contribution.   I made it for one of the older boys because the girls and little boys are always so easy to design for.  It has fishing and hunting and a flannel back.  I sure hope he liked it!

2 color OBW.

Hubby complained that he didn't have a quilt yet.  I told him that I don't have one either!!  So he got his way.  I used a hawaiian print because he is always wearing Magnum P.I. shirts.  The lady at the quilt shop said this would never work for a One Block Wonders.  So I had to prove her wrong of course!  I call this one Snow Drift.
As you can tell, I'm a bit obsessed with this pattern. 

Pink One Block Wonders

Baby girl quilt.  This is the One Block Wonders pattern in a soft shell pink.  I made this for a cousin in Florida.

I see it's been a very long time since I have posted here so time for me to catch up!  Bear with me while I add a few pictures.